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Dortmund City Guide

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Welcome to Dortmund, the largest city in the Ruhr Valley and a hugely importamt cog in the German engineering machine! Dortmund is situated in the north-west of Germany, close to the Dutch border. The city has a population of almost 600,000, making it one of the largest cities in Germany. Historically, the city was a major centre for coal and steel production, which made it a crucial target during World War II. Most of the city was destroyed during the War, however, today the city is flourishing again and is an important centre for the hi-tech industry in Germany. 

Dortmund Airport (DTM) is situated 6 miles east of the city and has daily domestic and some European flights. There is a regular bus service from the airport into the city centre, or you can call one of the local taxi companies. If you are travelling by train, Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, Germany's second busiest train station, is located in the city centre. (TIP: Another option for international students is to fly to Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS) and connect to Dortmund by train.)

Public transport in German cities is excellent and Dortmund is no exception. The city and surrounding area is serviced by an extensive underground network, bus system and an H-Bahn suspension railway. The underground system (Stadtbahn) operates 8 lines and is the most popular mode of transport in the city. Local trains and buses connect all local suburbs and towns, while the H-Bahn services the Dortmund University Campus. Public transport options are inexpensive, however, many students choose to walk or cycle. 

For short term accommodation, use one of the city's quality hostels. For longer term student accommodation in Dortmund, please check out the accommodation section of the website.  

Restaurants in Dortmund coming soon.  

Socialising in Dortmund coming soon. 

Dortmund has plenty to keep you busy. T
ake a step back into the city's history and visit the Zollern Colliery (coal mine), or explore the modern and contemporary art in the Museum Ostwall. If you are a sports fan, there is 'Bundesliga' football at the Westfalenstadion, and an exciting new football museum, recently constructed, is expected to open in 2015. For the more energetic, enjoy a run or a cycle in one of the city's many parks, such as the Rombergpark. We highly recommend taking a trip to the top of the Florianturm, located in the Westfalenpark, and enjoy superb views of the whole city and surrounding areas.

Dortmund is regarded as the best shopping centre of the entire region. The most popular street is Westenhellweg, where you find small independent shops, department stores and all the 
big names. Other popular streets include Brückstraße, Kampstraße, Victoriastraße and Kleppingstraße. If you prefer everything 'under one roof', try the recently built Thier-Galerie, which is home to almost two hundred shops, together with other amenities. If you are in the city in the lead up to Christmas, we highly recommend frequenting the Christmas market, which is one of the largest in Germany.

Dortmund is a large centre for education and is home to a number of universities and colleges including the Technische Universität Dortmund, the International School of Management, and the Fachhochschule Dortmund. Please visit the university section of the website for more information.

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